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Can we prevent accidents and save life.

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                           Save Life Save Accident Victim


Please be careful


Avoid Accidents 


             Causes of accidents

  ·    Drunken driving – drink in limit if  some one over drunk don’t drive

 ·  Road Medians – some times accident take place when we drive very close to road medians of concrete structure. Be careful in night, some of these road medians do not have reflectors.

  ·  Most of the drivers drive as they are almost striking object or vehicle while driving

  ·    Weaving on the road  - Moving from one side to other side

  ·     Driving on other than designated roadway 

  ·  Swerving (using offensive or obscene language to other drivers) 

  ·      Slow speed (more than 10 mph below limit) 

  ·     Stopping (without cause) in traffic lane 

  ·   Drifting on the road - taking bends at high speed 

  ·   Following too closely 

  ·  Tires on center on lane marker 

  ·   Braking erratically

  ·  Driving into opposing or crossing traffic

  ·  Signaling inconsistent with driving actions

  ·  Stopping inappropriately (other than in lane)

  ·   Turning abruptly or illegally

  ·   Accelerating or decelerating rapidly

  ·  Headlights off

  · Back lights are not working not even a reflector – these are major causes of accidents in night. 

Motor vehicle speed

That the evidence shows that the risk of having a crash is increased both for vehicles traveling slower than the average speed, and for those traveling above the average speed.

Driver impairment

Driver impairment describes factors that prevent the driver from driving at their normal level of skill. Common impairments include:


Driving under the influence of Alcohol then relative risk of an accident based on blood alcohol levels many motor vehicle deaths were associated with alcohol use Physical impairment

Poor eyesight and/or physical impairment, with many jurisdictions setting simple sight tests and/or requiring appropriate vehicle modifications before being allowed to drive;


 Teens and early twenty-aged drivers have the highest incidence of both accidents and fatalities among all driving age groups. This was observed to be true well before the advent of mobile phones. Females in this age group suffer a somewhat lower accident and fatality rate than males but still well above the median across all age groups. Also within this group, the highest accident incidence rate occurs within the first year of licensed driving.

Old age

Old age requiring driver retesting for reaction speed and eyesight after a certain age.

Sleep deprivation


Drug use - Including some prescription drugs, over the counter drugs (notably antihistamines, opioids), and illegal drugs.

Distraction - Research suggests that the driver's attention is affected by distracting sounds such as conversations and operating a mobile phone while driving. Many jurisdictions now restrict or outlaw the use of some types of phone within the car. Recent research conducted suggests that music can also have an effect; classical music is considered to be calming, yet too much could relax the driver to a condition of distraction. On the other hand, hard rock may encourage the driver to step on the acceleration pedal, thus creating a potentially dangerous situation on the road


Research has shown that, across all collision types, it is less likely that seat belts were worn in collisions involving death or serious injury, rather than light injury; wearing a seat belt reduces the risk of death by about two thirds


A well-designed and well-maintained vehicle, with good brakes, tires and well-adjusted suspension will be more controllable in an emergency and thus be better equipped to avoid collisions.


Motorcyclists have little protection other than their clothing, this difference is reflected in the casualty statistics, where they are more than twice as likely to suffer severely after a collision.



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