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Save Life save Accident Victim
Programme Name: Save Life save Accident Victim
Date: 22nd –Jan-2012
Organised by: Mother Earth Foundation / Sri Gujrathi Swetamber  Stanakawasi Jain Association / Jain Social Group  chennai Elite.
Location: C.U SHAH BHAVAN – CHENNAI (Ritherdon Road)

Does it require good Fate or a Good Samaritan to save the life of a person critically injured in an accident?
Those who wish to shirk their responsibility of rushing an injured person to the hospital would perhaps put the blame on Fate, but not so Mrs and Mr Guruprasad who saw an accident take place in front of their eyes on 24th December 2011 and immediately rushed the two critically injured persons to the hospital. Both the injured are hale and hearty today.
Why do most people shrink from their responsibility of rushing injured persons to the hospital?
“Many are scared of police questioning. Some are reluctant to bear the expenses involved,” explains Doctor RisheTewari founder of Mother Earth Foundation, an organisation devoted to changing this culture of fear and reluctance.
“Whenever we come to know that someone --- say an auto driver, or a car owner --- has taken steps to rush to the hospital a person injured in an accident, we promptly pay to him or her the expenses incurred in the process. We also give legal aid to people who undertake such good service to instil confidence in them,” says Doctor Tiwari.
“The notion that the police harasse those who undertake to help the injured is a myth that we are trying to break. The police are in fact very helpful to such Good Samaritans,” he further says.
When the Mother Earth Foundation decided to honour Guruprasad and his wife for their timely help to the persons injured in the accident, the Foundation chose to invite two senior police officers as guests along with a very senior officer of the Income Tax Department known for his high moralistic ideas on social issues. The presence of the three senior officers along with a number of other distinguished guests gave the solemnity due to the occasion.
Mr. Sanjay Arora, Additional Commissioner of Traffic in Chennai City, assured the audience that the police would always appreciate the steps taken by common people to save lives and there was no question of anyone facing harassment for his good work. He said there were in fact clear instructions of the Supreme Court in this regard.
Mr. S. K. Dogra, Additional Director General of Police (Prison Department) shared his experiences during his tenure as the officer in charge of Traffic Planning in 2008.
Mr.GirishPande, Chief Commissioner of Income Tax, emphasised how it is the work of the individuals that adds up to become the work of the society. “We should never think that we are alone in our effort and cannot achieve big things”, he said.
After the function a number of people joined the Mother Earth Foundation. The effort of this Foundation in creation awareness among residents of Chennai is gradually snowballing into a massive movement for which the city is grateful to the Foundation.
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